When you live in a city, you tend to blend with it. Yes, New York is fast paced, changing all the time. But so are you when you become a New Yorker,  reinventing yourself, learning resilience and rebooting the internal machine more than once a week. “Changes are taking the pace I’m going through” sang Bowie in 1971. In other words,  things change around you but you don’t see it  happening.  So I took a stroll in the city and noticed  a few changes and major upgrades…

Dunae Reade is upgrading to this little marvel, we call in France parapharmacie. You go to a pharmacy to buy a medicine  hoping to cure  that close-to-deadly disease of yours, and you end up buying a Chanel lipstick or a rich rejuvenating cream  and  – miracle ! ( not the cream…)- you do not feel sick any more! This little tour de passe passe is now available to New Yorkers thanks to Pharmacy Rx

Other upgrade on the food front: Do not  miss the new temple of Italian food,  Eataly in Chelsea.

Restaurants, food counters, wines, una scuola di Cucina, books..

Name it,  it is there . You can drink a glass of wine while shopping… this is really quite new for New York.

“Eataly’s target is to increase the percentage of the people who eat with consciousness, choosing first quality products and devoting particular attention to origin and manufacturing of raw material” is the philosophy behind this cool place, packed on a Saturday afternoon. I confirm: excellent  prosciutto .Check their site  with a new recipe every day Eataly 200 Fifth avenue

Last but not least,  a real upgrade on this architectural front. You just have to go and see the movie Wall Street 2 and discover it through the camera of  Oliver Stone. Park avenue is definitely out. We all want to live in Tribecca facing the sea and the Statue of Liberty in a Jean Nouvel new apartment building,  sun lit and high-tech, where from your phone you can manage  the lighting system and other fixtures.The Twin tours may not be there   any longer (as they did in the 1987  movie) but inWall Street,  Money Never Sleeps, downtown is definitely worth seeing.


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