Does 3D technology create emotion?

The next step for fashion, after real time shows on the Internet, is 3D technology. Marc Ecko unveiled  at Milk Studios in New York last wednesday his 2010 digital campaign featuring actress Lindsay Lohan as his muse. What is it about? Four videos directed by photographers Markus Kinko and Indrani feature Lindsay Lohan as a James Bond girl on a special mission for Marc Ecko: stealing time.

” Emotions are to drive the ad campaign’, said  Ecko during the press presentation quoting American illustrator Robert Mc Ginnis creator of posters for James Bond movies,  but also Star Wars as his fields of inspiration.

“Lindsay Lohan is going to play with your emotions”, he added.

The ad uses the new Augmented Reality techonology to create an hologram, a  virtual image of Lindsay Lohan in the videos. The viewer is provided by a special encoded GLYPH marking that can be printed from the webside.( By aiming the mark at the web camera of a computer ( you do need a web camera), the viewer steps  in the video and actually “participates” in an interactive way to the scene. Marc Ecko is not the first one using AR this season. So does Benetton on its site for a  casting campaign. (  At this stage, all this  technology seems like a pleasant  gimmick.

What did I learn about Marc Ecko new collection? Not much. The clothes displayed on mannequins ( checkered shirts, (signalitic) jackets with broad band of solid colored cottons sewed around  the shoulders, leather blousons) were more convincing. Emotions still come from the  touch and feel experience for me. Yet 3D is bound to revolutionnalize fashion,  and brands are already active using it.In  a couple of years from now  it will be home use technology. On its site Armani Exchange presents its new 3D campaign ( provided you have the right glasses to be bought in the september issue of GQ, Interview and V magazine.).

It is all about getting the customer involved and increase the sales. Lets see… in 3D.


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