Pas si con…

Le Diner de cons written and directed by Francis Weber is a trans-generational cult-movie in France.

I have seen it many times and my kids know the dialogues by heart. The famous “ha, ha, ha?” by Francois Pignon, le con, played by  French comic  Jacques Villeret who passed away in 2005 ,is part of our daily repertoire. Pignon points his finger to his empty brain trying  to persuade others that he just had the greatest possible idea. In the French version, Pierre Brochant alias Thierry Lhermitte , one of the organizers of this diner where fun comes from the  most idiotic guests,  is the most aggravating person. Sure of himself and perfectly unpleasant.

Going to see Dinner for Schmucks was no small deal! Was it  as funny as the original movie? In other words are les cons really schmuks. It turned out to be pretty good. The French adapted what was a play in the first place;  the Americans really pulled together a movie. The main characters played by Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are not as funny and subtle. Steve Carrell alias Francois Pignon is too con and Paul Rudd alias Pierre Brochant is too nice but the diner actually happens and is really funny. Side characters are hilarious. . It works:  In the first week,  sales totaled $193M !

Le Diner de Cons by Francis Weber (1998)

Dinner for Schmucks directed by Jay Roach (2010)îner_de_cons


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