Environment and style

Is it because I have spent most of the last 5 years in New York, in an urban environment with little time to crisscross around France? I was struck during my recent trip there by the number of turbines in the French countryside.

Personally I find it appalling. The idea is to save environment by relying on wind energy. The result is a field of disgraceful wind turbines (eoliennes in French) that totally spoil the countryside landscape. Today, there is an interesting article in the New York Times. Farmers from Oregon are complaining about the noise. Ah yes! Forgot to say: Not only do these wind turbines spoil the view but they create noise pollution for neighbors. Great! Is this all we can do in terms of protection of the environment.  I am not the first one who is raising my voice about it; still this is really annoying as you see thousands of these structures sprouting from earth amid the most beautiful and lone landscapes. “turbines too loud? Here, take $ 5000″ is the title of William Yardley’s article (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/01/us/01wind.html?emc=eta1). Scary! trying to buy these poor farmers down in Oregon. Is that a way to plan the future? The noise? They call it  ” the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the future”. Yeah? well could this “wooshy” sound be turned into a stylish roar? .


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  1. Genevieve

    But Pascale, have you how ugly the nuclear plants can be?

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