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Ok, Ok… I received a few comments on my last posting. Wind turbines are about the future and who am I? to look backwards. To respond to that I would just say that I do prefer the country au naturel but if wind turbines will help prevent oil spill, so let it be…  I do sound vintage and I guess a part of me is. I went to the Apple store today to have my computer fixed. I kept having this (frightening) blue screen coming up. ” A VIN code comes up when I type your serial number” said the sexy sales girl with age flirting with the teens.  Answering my puzzled look, she added :”VIN for vintage”. My  6 years old Apple computer was vintage! That came as a surprise and made be revisit the meaning of  vintage. Is the the collection I saw last spring already vintage although it will be in the stores in the fall ?   Is vintage anything old (and broken in the case of my computer?). I believe vintage is a quality item ( or idea maybe) that is worth keeping for the next generation(s) ( I do hesitate on the “s” as time is accelerating).

Yves Saint Laurent is definitely vintage. I visited Yves Saint Laurent’s show in Paris at the Petit Palais which runs until August 29th. 300-items are on display  there. It is a great moment. It is all very timely and yet part of fashion history, thus vintage…The black dress and its many interpretations are hung up on a wall as an installation. The show reminds us that – before globalism – Yves Saint Laurent was finding his ideas around the world with his ” Imaginary Travels’ that inspired the Russian or the Moroccan collections.  To that should be added the many inspiring professionals in Yves Saint Laurent entourage so well portrayed and well documented in Marie Dominique Lelièvre iconoclast book.

In her pamphlet Laurence Benaïm, also author of a major biography on the designer,  suggests with a harsh tone that after the death of Yves Saint Laurent,  the world of Haute Couture was unable to reinvent itself and died.. Marketing has taken the place of labor and love. The landscape of fashion has changed. It is now  planted with wind turbines( In Laurence’s mind,  these are the marketing directors and PR specialists rotating their arms to attract media attention). Fashion has entered the new era of recycling  where  vintage starts with the last collection …

More in French on

Saint Laurent, Mauvais Garçon by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre Flammarion 2009

Requiem pour Yves Saint Laurent by  Laurence Benaïm Grasset 2010.


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