A New Kid on the Block

Judging from the crowds on Sunday morning this post is going to be outdated by the time it comes out, but it has been such a highlight of my last month that I needed to share it.  It is going to hurt for a few, starting with Le Pain Quotidien which tasty yet often hard baguette is not going the nec plus ultra any longer: Kayser has arrived on 3rd avenue between 75th and 74th. Their pain au chocolat is like “là-bas” meaning Paris, their baguette is flawless and their tartelette à la framboise with frangipane is to die for. Mind you, it is not cheap $4.75 for a tartelette is a sin of gluttony on Sunday! Originally from Franche Comté Eric Kayser opened his first boulangeriein Paris in 1996. His recipe: bread made from natural leaven, thus bringing a real French flavor to the boulange, the art of bread. You can also have lunch, brunch or diner next to the bread shop, serving salads and cheese bread. Other stores  will  open in midtown  and the Flat Iron District. Now this is going to be fun,  our old friend Payard is making a come back… across from Kayser! Really The Upper East Side is no small talk when it comes to croissants!


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