Enki Bilal: First New York Show

Enki Bilal ‘s universe is populated with blue women clad in leather gears, dark horses with prominent hooves and chess printed floors. In the word of Bande Dessinée or  French comics, Bilal is a super star.  He was born in Serbia, and the Servo Croatian war and its atrocities are never far. Blood is always surfacing.

In his album Equator Cold, Bilal has created a new game , chess boxing,  taking over by Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh. It is now a universal sport mixing chess and boxing, and as Enki Bilal explained  during the opening of his painting exhibit at the French Cultural Services, those who excel in this discipline  have to show fine minds and strong bodies like the heroes of his comic strips. The show is called Oxymore and “ New York is a symbolic city for oxymoron “said Enki. Like bittersweet?

Oxymore by Enki Bilal curated by Art Curial

French cultural services at 79th street and Fifth avenue

Paintings will be auctioneered in Paris in the Fall 2012.


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