Hollywood Drama

What is bothering me this morning? Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are officially separated. I know it sounds really dumb as four Frenchmen have been killed in Afghanistan and so many more on the planet at this precise minute. Yes, well, at least I am being true to a part of myself, my “midinette” soul, the French and personal version of “People” icon on yahoo for the masses. They were both beautiful and had been together for 14 years living in a quiet French village. All of this is already quite romantic. Moreover they personnified a certain vision of fashion I like, fashion as a way to transform yourself, to reinvent your day to day life. Brands might help, but it is not only about brands or designers, it is about imagination and creativity. The idea that the duo will not play the game any longer, just kills me…I looked up to them for fantasies and stories, pirated avdentures obvioulsy, but may more. Just see
The Roaring 20’s

La Dolce Vita

Vintage 70’s

The siren and the pirat

I will miss them!


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