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What I am looking forward to in the weeks to come
– Reviews on David Hockney ‘David Hockney: A Bigger Picture’ at the London Royal Academy of Arts, and a ticket please!
– NY Fashion week from Feb 9-16 for next Fall 2012. Colors and pretty shoes, please!
– Jean-Philippe Delhomme at FIAF Gallery Dressed for Art opening on Tuesday, February 28. Can’t wait to see his brilliant caricatures. An original please!
– The March issue of Newsweek by Tina Brown, a special Madmen and Sixties issue. The magazine please!
– Jean Paul Gaultier at the gala of the Lycee français, March 17. An autograph please!

Anything else important I forgot?…. non bonuses, bitter cold, winter forever, no more AAA for France, a failing euros, a mormon candidate… cannot think of anything else really important
And you?



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