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The Global World of Preppy

Last Fall, Tommy Hilfiger gave a talk at Oxford College, in England, the native country of the “Preppy”. And he loved it: the mahogany wood paneling, the Christ Church dining room immortalized by… Harry Potter, with students dining on tuxedos. It was all there… Now Tommy Hilfiger is taking preppy to the global world. “There are  preppy styles in Tokyo, in Paris, New York, London and they are all different.” As demonstrated in preppy pop up stores that will show capsule collections – fashion and accessories  to be launched in Paris, London, Madrid, New York, LA, Tokyo and Stockholm in the Spring. The interview took place in Tommy Hilfiger’s renovated apartment at the Plaza in the Eloise room, hand painted by Hilary Knight, original illustrator of Kay Thompson’s Eloise series. Hilfiger commented on my preppy look: navy blue corduroy pants, double-breasted wool cardigan and J Crew checkered shirt. The 3 “C” :Comfort, Color and Continuity or the new tradition as Hilfiger puts it. And tonight for the show: Bohemian preppy look. Can’t wait!


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Updating Vintage Preppy

On November 4th the captain Tommy Hilfiger will set sail to Paris, opening a flagship store on the Champs Elysees (n. 65). 

Tommy Hilfiger is also celebrating this year his 25th anniversary. A good time to reflect on  the world “preppy”, this American East Coast college style that had become the aspiring style of a generation in the late 70’s, early 80’s.The preppy hand book came ou in 1980. Remember!

  • Every preppy woman has a friend who is a jewelry designer. (real or fake diamonds?)
  • No man bags. ( Oops! not so sure)
  • Preppies don’t perm their hair.( Highlights maybe…)
  • Preppy men do not believe that comb-overs disguise anything.( All men are bald now. It makes it easier.)
  • You can never go wrong with a trench coat. (yes if a Burberry )
  • Thou shalt not fly first-class. (L’Avion will do)
  • Thou shalt use thy frequent-flier miles whenever possible. (Who does not!)

Things change a bit and college kids are not the same. Tommy’s today Preppy is not yesterday’s. Looking at the 2011 Spring RTW show, it  is sexier, less conservative,  and the stripes have been used in many different ways.

Be aware of vintage words!

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