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What I am looking forward to in the weeks to come
– Reviews on David Hockney ‘David Hockney: A Bigger Picture’ at the London Royal Academy of Arts, and a ticket please!
– NY Fashion week from Feb 9-16 for next Fall 2012. Colors and pretty shoes, please!
– Jean-Philippe Delhomme at FIAF Gallery Dressed for Art opening on Tuesday, February 28. Can’t wait to see his brilliant caricatures. An original please!
– The March issue of Newsweek by Tina Brown, a special Madmen and Sixties issue. The magazine please!
– Jean Paul Gaultier at the gala of the Lycee français, March 17. An autograph please!

Anything else important I forgot?…. non bonuses, bitter cold, winter forever, no more AAA for France, a failing euros, a mormon candidate… cannot think of anything else really important
And you?



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Fall Fashion Theory

Fashionistas are buzzing with Missoni at Target. It is always great to have a well-known brand at a discount price. I saw in the press some images, it is all very Missoni and the problem with Missoni is that it is….. Right! Recognizable from afar. For me, the best addition to fashion world these days in an accessible price range is Olivier Theyskens for Theory. He will be showing at Fashion Week this year and I am really looking forward to his show. I like the 70’s look with large pants that we translate in French as “pattes d’eph” literally “elephant legs” and long coats. Subtly recognizable…

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Michelle Obama on the Catwalk

Fashion Week just started at the Lincoln Center, and we have an eye on the new “campus” where fashion and arts meet. But only one eye ! The other is looking toward Washington where the First Lady is crowned Queen of Fashion in “Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style” (Clarkson Potter) by Fashion journalist Kate Betts.

Not so long ago, in a New York Times Oped, Betts defended Michelle Obama who was attacked by the US fashion industry after wearing a Alexander Mac Queen red silk dress at a White House official diner with Chinese president Hu Jintao.

Michelle Obama’s impact on fashion extends far beyond the “made in America” label stitched into her dress.(…) Yes, she is sometimes an ambassador for American designers, but more important, she is an ambassador for the self-possession that defines American style.

I asked Fashion Director at Lincoln Center Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a queen ( or rather a princess) of fashion in her own right, what she thought. For her, Michelle Obama has “revolutionized fashion at the White House” where, ever since Jackie Kennedy, fashion was absent from state diners. “Michelle Obama has an incredible following. She has a real sense of style. Most important she wears what she likes”!

In the end, New York and Washington are looking in the same direction: the silhouette on the red carpet that will inspire us.


EVERYDAY ICON: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style By Kate Betts Clarkson Potter/Publishers

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Moncler at NY Fashion Week

The New York fashion week begins Wednesday. The invitations pile up. But how many times do we have to confirm, to reconfirm one’s presence! It does not matter it is always fun to discover the invitations. This year  a special mention to Moncler and its chart in black and white of the tops of Alpe d’ Huez and the famous Pic Blanc. A bowl of fresh air to taste 
 under the tent of Bryant Park…. in fact Moncler’s show  will take place elsewhere on February 14  at the Golf Club of Chelsea Piers… there will be 100 lookks for this show, true baptism of fire for new president Joseph Barrato ex-Ralph Lauren Purple, ex-Brioni the USA. Let us hope the shiny puffed jackets are fireproofed!

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