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The 3 F.

I had thought of Mireille since the wee hours of yesterday. She was planing “Champagne on the terrace” on the Rooftop of her West Village apartment in New York, inviting her friends to celebrate  the release of her new book “The French Women Never Get Fat Cookbook”. And it was grey and cold with heavy rain to come. 

Nevermind this rotten weather, a large crowd turned up at the party  to congratulate – inside – Mireille Guiliano on her never-ending success. Delicious “bouchées” were  elegantly served and Veuve Clicquot  generously poured – after all as a former CEO of this French champagne company that now belongs to LVMH, she did build up that brand here in the States! – . The Cook Book, like her  earlier  volumes ” French Women Don’t Get Fat”, “French Women for All Seasons”, “Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire”,   will be a hit. You think you know it all and you still learn from Mireille. Why did I always prepare my fish in papillote in foil instead of parchment paper  and why did I not  try mixing lentil, fennel and orange for a salade composée? Like in her previous editions, Mireille Guiliano mixes personal comments on her lifestyle with easy going yet healthy recipe for a perfect cocktail.

Yet my point is not to write about food but fashion! (I leave that part to the foodies who blog so well). And fashionI found. As Mireille was complaining on the terrible diet she had to cope while book touring around the States (“No fish, no fruit and burnt coffee”), I complimented her on her dress. She did lose some weight in the process of that exhausting  tour, yet she looked glowing and elegant. “It is my old Emmanuelle Kahn!”. I had a sudden burst of tenderness for Mireille . She did share my passion for French Prêt à P. ( see previous post). ” I had it for many years and it is still a pleasure to wear it. Women are often asking me where it is coming from. Obviously Emmanuelle Kahn does not ring a bell on this side of the Atlantic.” The French younger generation would not know about her either. Mireille’s dress has a strong 80’s look with slightly padded shoulders and structured tailoring. The two tier top includes a well cut bolero giving volume to the buttoned down dress. The shiny black linen is impeccable, a gage of quality.

Food and Fashion and Friends what a perfect evening !


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What’s cooking?

In the end, it is all about cooking. Former CEO of Veuve Clicquot USA, and famous writer (“French Women Never Get Fat” ), Mireille Guiliano has it right. Successfully branding Veuve Clicquot in the US or tossing mixed vegetables in a casserole to create a delicious ratatouille, have much in common. It is about finding the right ingredients and blending them with the right spices. I have much admiration for two European “recipe’ makers here in the States: le Pain Quotidien from Belgium and L’Occitane from France.

A culinary comparison is not far fetched for Belgian bread maker Le Pain Quotidien.

The founder, chef Alain Coumont, certainly knows how to make good bread, wether it is a spelt loaf or small pains au chocolat.Chain Store Guide has just released its report of the top 50 fastest growing chain restaurant operators in the U.S. and Canada. Le Pain Quotidien scores 41 with a 150.0% growth over the last 5 years. Not bad. Now the brand recipe:

  • Reassuring: same look, same tables, same music, same menus
  • Organic oriented: Honey nectar looks like it has just been gathered by the bees
  • Serene and quiet (most of the time), a good antidote to New York’s constant hustle.

The price of the baguette is high, but that is no surprise.

The other recipe maker I admire is l’Occitane. Obviously I am not the only one.L’Occitane International, the cosmetics and skincare producer and retailer, has just raised $708 million on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Again the brand recipe includes:

  • Reassurance
  • Great packaging
  • and the passion of a man, this time Olivier Baussan who created the company in 1976 with the strong belief that plants from Provence had virtues that ought to be shared with the rest of the world.

In 1994 the company was bought by an Austrian businessman Reinold Geiger. And now l’Occitane has opened 150 stores across the US.

On April 27th,  Mireille Guiliano published her new book, “The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook”, a practical lifetsyle guide to living well with tips from now famous Tante Berthe.(www.mireilleguiliano.com). She appeared on today’s Today Show.

As we know Mireille’s new career as a lifestyle writer and adviser is booming. She has branded herself with the same success as she did for Veuve Clicquot.

Mireille believes that eating is a very important part of life. It should be done with care and love.

For Mireille, like for Alain Caumont or Olivier Baussan, it is just the intimate belief in an idea….. and a great talent for cooking…

A vos fourneaux!

see Mireille on today’s Today show:


Read more in French:


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