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Long Live Marc Jacobs

The DSK story might end up with a dismissal of charges but we have something else to worry about, another good story to chat on: Will Marc Jacobs take over Dior? It seems as a done deal. Why would Marc Jacobs refuse anyway? Following on the footsteps of Christian Dior, Marc Bohan or John Galliano, and probably securing a lucrative deal, what is there to say no? On the LVMH end, they know the guy, he is part of their team and they know he is the one. So it might be less exciting than the DSK file to follow but who knows… unexpected rebounds?


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Sartorial Brooklyn

Men fashion. How complicated is that ! For ages it seems, we have toyed with the idea of “the new man”. He would throw his grey suit and classic tie by the window preferring rainbow-colored cashmere ( Thanks Uniqlo!), vintage scarfs and sexy skirts (Thanks Marc for leading the way!) and still feel manly. After all women feel sexy wearing Yves Saint Laurent inspired black tie jackets or men’s shirts. While researching a new story for Fashion Daily News, I was quite interested in discovering in Brooklyn, smaller brands in three wonderful men shop, offering alternatives. Hollander & Lexer created by Brian Cousins and Hisham Benmira is no new comer on the block. Their first outpost on Atlantic Avenue has now a sister shop in Williamsburg. They distribute selected items from Rag & Bone, Robert Geller, Engineered Garments, and Rogue collections. But their best-sellers are their in-house shirts, cut in refined fabrics, and tweed outfits all made in New York. Extravagant Hisham comes from Morocco and will gladly switch to his perfect French to show you around.

Next The Brooklyn Circus which moved in 2008 to its present site on Nevins street . 80 % of the collections are home designed by Haitian Ouigi  Theodore under the label BKc. The long denim shirts are perfect for both men and women, the hand-made shoes in San Francisco are just to die for and the newsboys hat with their refined leather sweat bond is what we want for our – young – boyfriends to wear.

Finally I loved Epaulet created by a young couple who lives 3 blocks away. Casual pants made in Los Angeles are great Summer hits. Collaborative editions lead to collector items like a Bailey Hat for Summer 2010 or limited series of Alden shoes.

How on earth are these shops surviving? Well it all happens here on the Internet. Epaulet has created its online store in December 2008 before opening the store, and Hollander & Lexer sells in Japan!

Men ARE changing in the end….

Hollander and Lexer, 358 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-797-9190.

Epaulet 231 Smith street, Brooklyn, 718-522-3800 http://www.epauletshop.com .Check their blog!

The Brooklyn Circus 150 Nevins street Brooklyn  718-858-0919 Follow their blog http://thebkcircus.com/bkc/

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