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Huge Petit H

Not to be missed at the Hermes store on Madison in New York, on the top floor, until November 3rd, is the presentation of the Petit H collection, unique objects by designers made from recycled fabrics from Hermes.
Pascale Mussard, heiress to the family and former creative director of Hermes, had this wonderfully creative idea to use discarded tidbits of silk from the “carrés”, of leather from the saddles or bags, or glass from Cristalleries de Saint Louis, and offer designers like Christian Astuguevieille to create an original design. The result is a collection of one of kind items, all very beautiful, some totally useless, many to die for. Leather bracelets, and beautiful glass jewelry, a toy car paneled with shiny blue crocodile skin. For Guillaume de Seynes, Director of Hermes, this collection on view ( and for sale) for a limited time is very symbolic of Hermes itself : Craftsmen and designers have been working together to come up with this Petit H concept. The collection has been shown in Paris, in Tokyo and now in New York, saluted in the Press and welcomed by shoppers. The price tag is also Hermes style : $600 for a leather bracelet, $1000 and up for necklaces. But remember it is Unique,Genuine and Hermes. UGH!


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(Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

I love the Hermes windows on Madison, a wonderful example of birch art by Charlie Baker


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Grey Clouds

“Reflect on November” says my horoscope today. Since it is November 7th, it seems a rich idea. Time to reflect before it is too late. It has been Election day and post-election day and ever since there has been this  gray cloud hovering in my mind every morning when I wake up. There was so much desire for change, so much feverish hope for a new America, and beyond a new world. On november 2nd or was it the 3rd,  one could read in the NYT that Wall Street was back on track distributing bonuses of 60 millions+ to a bank CEO. Like if nothing had happened, like if there were not thousands –  sorry millions – of people who lost their jobs in the States and millions others struggling to pay their debts, reimburse their medical fees and struggle to offer decent studies to their kids. How can the work of one person be worth 60 millions if that work is not a piece of art, something unique which will inspire generations to come ? And the next  question (you’re so vain!) is of course. 60 millions… what would I do with such a big amount of money? Time to reflect. I can see 5 easily gone: buying a place I can call home, paying for university and school for the children, going to Catherine Malandrino’s sales ( it starts Wednesday, just enough time to cash the check), and dreaming of a cosmetic surgery make over from head-to-toe ( why stop at the forehead! and yes, tomorrow is my birthday…the cloud is now turning to dark grey!) I still have 55 millions to go which frankly I would be happy to give back to whom ever gave it to me in the first place. Hard to carry such a heavy load. Time to reflect. There has been other interesting things like the defeat of Thierry Henry in the Red Bulls eliminated in the first round of the play-offs only echoing my son’s soccer league defeat in semi finale, the ever pouring anger of the Bettencourt women ( too heavy a load!) and the most depressing take over of Hermes by LVMH. “If this is a friendly take over, Mr Arnault, if you are a friend, go away”, says Hermes general manager Patrick Thomas. Unfriendly so are those first days of November. Tonight I will celebrate with friends – real friends – trying to forget how un- amicable life can sometimes be!


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Jean-Philippe Delhomme… and Sophie-Anne

French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme is showing 8 drawings, 8 New York scenes, at the  Danzinger Projects in Chelsea.

Portrait of Jean-Philippe at the gallery

The real Jean-Philippe as featured in his blog.


Among the scenes, there is a great sequence ( 3 drawings total) on Marina Abramovic’s live show “The Artist is Present” at the MOMA. She is sitting in her red outfit across the table from a viewer. There is also a great drawing on Central Park coyote, a permanent feature on Delhomme’s blog. “It was on a lonely path just by the pond that I saw the coyote, standing very still, and looking straight at me. I had read about the coyote in the park in New York Magazine, but thought it was an hoax aimed at making their readers believe in urban magic while they’re in line at Whole Foods.”

Jean Philippe Delhomme is a fashion illustrator

and a culture chronicler whose works have appeared in many magazines, including The Los Angeles Time , GQ and many more. Recently, he has signed all the ads for the new Mark residence hotel in New York designed by Jacques Grange.

He has moved to New York a year ago with his family. His witty wife, Sophie-Anne just published a book in French exploring images from her past, her childhood in Africa. “Quitter Dakar” ( Rouergue)

They are a wonderful couple and all they do is worth checking out!


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