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Vanessa’s Night

It was not about fashion tonight. (Last night a diner was organized in her honor by Chanel at the Mark hotel as she is the face of the new Rouge Coco)….


… It was about style, the very sexy style au naturel of a mermaid, Vanessa Paradis. She was singing midtown at Town Hall and it was exhilarating. The place was filled with -mostly French- fans. People in their forties  raised with Joe le Taxi, a song by Etienne Roda- Gil and Vanessa’s first hit. It was in 1987, and she was 14.

Last night she sang Joe le taxi and much more… She has grown up, married a pirate, has had kids…and she is ravishing. When she sang hallelujah, she was inspired, and her voice filled our souls. She is so simple and yet such a star! Bravo Vanessa!

Clip by Johnny Depp

Joe le taxi now…

and then…



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Don’t Mess Up With the Brands

A few weeks ago, Chanel took an ad in WWD  to tell  readers that Chanel was not a generic name that could be used here and there to describe a piece of clothes. On the catwalk, for the Spring/Summer shows, many outfits were obviously inspired by the design of Mademoiselle: short jackets in Jacquard with interesting brims but ….don’t say it! don’t say   it is C….L style or you might get in trouble. “Our lawyers don’t like it” said the ad in a rather threatening tone.

Now it is Christian Louboutin’s turn. He is suing French rapper Ol Kainry. In his new album Iron Mic due on October 20th, Ol Kainry was singing “Sexy leggings and Louboutin” with a refrain “Louboutin, Louboutin… sexy, sexy leggings”. Well, the French rapper’s fans will be disappointed.  Justice will decide on October 20th whether the album may be released or not. Already, as a sign of good will, Ol Kainry has offered to destroy the 8000 albums already produced but not yet distributed. Louboutin’s lawyers wish that their client’s image be used in a correct way and especially dislike seeing  on the video “false “Louboutin’s stilettos, imitating the real things with its famous red sole.

Too much publicity in the difficult neighborhoods (Les cités) may not help the rapper to sell but not Louboutin…

Well too bad the song was fun. Check it out


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Saint Tropez : a piece of fashion nostalgia

“Do you know the way to Saint Tropez?” asks  Women’s Wear Daily on the cover its May 12th edition reporting on the recent presentation of  Chanel 2010-2011 Cruise collection on the port .

The Cruise collection

“There is something magical about Saint Tropez. It is so easy and it does not require complicated clothes”, said Karl Lagerfeld to WWD. He favored chiffon dresses for a Hippie revival look.

Fashion was always part of the mythology of Saint Tropez. Paul Poiret might have been the first couturier to make Saint Tropez his home, preferring  the secluded calm of his Villa Treizaine to the bustle of the port. Today many fashion designers including Tommy Hilfiger or Catherine Malandrino vacation in Saint Tropez.  Yet, Karl Lagerfeld is right . Saint Tropez has invented a certain type of style, a laid back, lazy fashion that happened on the port, in the late Sixties, somewhere between la Plage de la Ponche where real Tropeziens loved to go and the “new “port where elegant Chris-Craft competed with pristine yachts.

When the Rock and Roll  stars invaded Saint Tropez, Martine Vachon had her Vachon store planted on the left side of the port when looking at the sea. She designed unpretentious and rather conservative collections with lots of knitwear and marine dresses and jackets. Her designs did not make it in the history of fashion but her shop was a must. Parisians (In the late Sixties it was mostly Parisians and celebrities who visited  Saint Tropez) who enjoyed all the fashion in the world year around could not help buying a few items “ for the Summer”. There was also “Choses”. The store still exists. It was the place to find tee-shirts before the name even existed and espadrilles that lasted – if lucky! – for the Summer months. But the best was Lothar’s. This German maker had opened his store in 1969 and specialized in faded tie-dyed cottons. Pale blues, washed out greens and discolored pinks were the basic colors of his collections that included trousers, shorts, long dresses and simply cut shirts. Nothing was more sexy than a blue Lothars shirt largely opened on a tanned chest. Lothar’s men resembled the Blue Men of the desert.  Gunther Sachs, the volatile husband of Brigitte Bardot,had adopted that dégaine.The total look was still trendy and there was no shame in buying the green trousers matching the green skirts or the same burgeoning top worn without a bra. Between the thin layer of Lothars cotton and the skin, there was nothing. An impeccable figure was required. Jane Birkin was the reference. Shopping at Lothars meant avoiding stops at Sennequier for a café Liegois or at the boulangerie for a slice of Tarte tropezienne.Miam, Miam!

Miam! Miam!


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