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Make up that lasts..

Joan Kron is the most formidable woman I know.

At 80+ ( I am allowed to say it as she publicly announces it!), she is full of energy, ideas and a constant inspiration for me. Since 1991, she has  been  editor-at-large for Allure, and publishes a monthly  column Scalpel News on plastic surgery. She is the author of a bestseller  book Lift: Wanting, Fearing, and Having a Facelift, (1998).

Asked about cosmetic surgery,   on  Virginia Postrel’s blog Deep Glamour, she has a great answer:

One ages is a choice. It’s no different from deciding how often to have a manicure or a haircut. As someone who covers plastic surgery, I feel a responsibility  to be truthful, since most people lie. I joke that I prefer to “age dis-gracefully.”  I don’t see getting rid of my double chin as a moral issue. Some people say they’ve earned their wrinkles, but frankly I don’t care to wear my emotional resume on my face.

Once again, Joan Kron is making the news. She wrote a  piece in Allure on Microskin, a new camouflage make up created by Australian movie make up artist Linda Lowndes. This will help millions of women who suffer from port-wine stain, vitiligo or scars from angry husbands to cover up! It is such a remarkable breakthrough in cosmetics that Joan Kron is working on a movie that she hopes to co-direct and co-produce ( still looking for partners!) on the life of Linda Lowndes.

When cosmetic is more than skin deep…

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www. lemonde.fr

“La Jeunesse eternelle” May15, 2002, by Pascale Richard

Extrait en francais :

…les jeunes filles, au-dessous de 18 ans, corrigent leur nez pour ne pas ressembler à Barbara Streisand, qui a passé sa vie à défendre le sien ! Entre 19 et 34 ans, les implants mammaires, condamnés un temps, sont à nouveau en vogue, de même que la chirurgie des paupières. Au-delà de 50 ans, c’est le lifting », explique Joan Kron, responsable de la rubrique « Scalpel News » au magazine américain Allure, auteur d’un best-seller sur le lifting ( Lifting : Wanting it, Fearing it, Having it, par Joan Kron 1998, Viking).


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