Golden Knight

Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH has been knighted by the Queen. Well, I was in London when the news broke, making … not the headlines…. the fourth page of the FT. So I asked the Real English People of London what they thought about it. Surprise was their first reaction….

– Bernard who?

– Dior, Veuve Clicquot and consort…

– Ah Yes! That Bernard …knighted you say? But that cannot be true!

– Yes! Knighted!

– You mean honorary knight?

– Hugh? What is honorary knight?

– Well he cannot wear the title, in other words he cannot be called “Sir”. –

– Ah? He is still a knight though?

– Technically he is not…

– Well then why did the Queen make such a decision?

The FT ‘s article mentions that LVMH has created 3 000 jobs in England. Not a sufficient reason you would think. But then a few  pages later, in the FT magazine, is another interesting article: Will French Women Arriving Adapt to London  Fashion? With Francois Hollande’s new tax laws, it seems that (rich) French people are massively immigrating to London, buying houses and swiping all the available slots at Lycee Charles de Gaulle. Are wives tagging along going to adopt  London rather laid back and hippie fashion? The FT ‘s answer is adamant: no. French women will stay as they are: chic and uptight and rather conservative. So yes! French women are arriving and London is welcoming them. And yes! Bernard Arnault, freshly knighted, will be there to dress them up! In other words, France and England are experiencing for the first time ” le parfait amour”, the perfect love!

PS: Bernard Arnault announced recently that he will seek the Belgian nationality. There is no end to globalization!


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A New Kid on the Block

Judging from the crowds on Sunday morning this post is going to be outdated by the time it comes out, but it has been such a highlight of my last month that I needed to share it.  It is going to hurt for a few, starting with Le Pain Quotidien which tasty yet often hard baguette is not going the nec plus ultra any longer: Kayser has arrived on 3rd avenue between 75th and 74th. Their pain au chocolat is like “là-bas” meaning Paris, their baguette is flawless and their tartelette à la framboise with frangipane is to die for. Mind you, it is not cheap $4.75 for a tartelette is a sin of gluttony on Sunday! Originally from Franche Comté Eric Kayser opened his first boulangeriein Paris in 1996. His recipe: bread made from natural leaven, thus bringing a real French flavor to the boulange, the art of bread. You can also have lunch, brunch or diner next to the bread shop, serving salads and cheese bread. Other stores  will  open in midtown  and the Flat Iron District. Now this is going to be fun,  our old friend Payard is making a come back… across from Kayser! Really The Upper East Side is no small talk when it comes to croissants!

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The Other Son

The Other Son, premiered at the Lycee Francais de New York, is a compelling movie about Israel and Palestine, about being a Jew, about being an Arab, about being 18 or 19-year-old today. Directed by Lorraine Levy, this movie which was filmed in 4 different languages – English, French, Arabic and Hebrew -, is forcing us to look at the Israelo-Arab conflict through a different perspective, through the eyes of teenagers who have concrete issues: where can I go and dance tonight? Where can I make money during the Summer? What girl am I going to kiss tonight? Using the same subterfuge as French director Etienne Chatillez in “La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille” ( Babies are exchanged in the maternity ward and the Israeli boy is brought up on The West Bank by a Palestinian family and vice versa), this film raises questions that linger on once the lights are on. Women make peace before men; music reconciles both sides; mothers can have many sons; understanding and love can replace hate by if a dialogue starts… In the end what really matters is what you do with your life and not who your parents are, or where you come from. The film is also a tribute to the French Language and the French-speaking world which spreads wide beyond frontiers.

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Being a Brand

Carine Roitfeld creates the magazine CR and talks about launching a perfume. Soon she will be manufacturing her own line of clothes, and a new brand will be born. We now need to market ourselves to simply exist. A twitter account, a face book page and a blog, …  there it is.  A new brand!

There is only M-O-N-E-Y spells Richard Gere in his new movie Arbitrage ( How disgusting money can be?) Being a brand is probably about that also,  money… wanting to be rich and famous. Money and marketing …


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Time Flies

Do you know the Blum Collection ? It is worth discovering at the Time Crafters exhibit open this weekend at the Park Avenue Armory. Swiss businessman Peter Blum and his wife Linda assembled this most extensive collection of Swiss watches over the years. It was sold for $6.5 millions to an anonymous Chinese collector. The collection itself contains 4370 watches including many prototypes. There is a large display of the collection at the Armory. Each series of watches was  a « Madeleine » to me.

1982 :The Skeleton model or the first time one could cheaply discover through the mechanism the guts of time. 1983 : The tennis stripes we could buy at Roland Garros ; 1984: The Don’t Be Too Late series . Remember offering that one to your girlfriend ? 1983: The quintessence of the Eighties : The Jelly Fish series : if you have a watch, be so cool as to choose it transparent! Or the Keith Haring series  tagged by the artist with his irreverent dog.

And all those I cant remember as they are prototypes : the extraordinary Sam Francis ( 1992), the Vivienne Westwood special box ( 2001).  And by the way Swatch does not mean Swiss Watch but Second Watch  and I have used quite a  few and I wish I had collected them !

Address: Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue, New York City

Open to the Public:      Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th from 10am to 8pm Ticket Entry:    $20 at the door

captions: Photo 1- Alfred Hofkunst series Photo 2- The Blum CollectionImageImage

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Homage to the Space Program …

and first foot set on the moon…

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August 28, 2012 · 12:43 am

Last Postcards from the Hamptons

What I saw this Summer on the East End :

More Mac-mansions than ever

More Mac

More mansions

More clients that ever at Pierre’s

More rain at Bob Wilson’s WaterMill benefit

More praise for the Countess at her best

More money for this Billionaire (I presume!) and his girl friend and their beach towels dropped by the chauffeur at the beach

More construction in Bridgehampton with soon a new spa

More places to eat with a new LT ( Laurent Tourondel) burger in Sag Harbor

More, more, more


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