La Bonne Soupe en deuil


Jean Paul Picot was another of these larger than life characters. He came to America before all of the Euro trash did, and opened, with his wife Monique, a French restaurant on West 55th in 1974  La Bonne Soupe. He became as popular as his venue, and a few years later, was dubbed “The Mayor of 55th street”.Jean Paul sadly passed away a week ago today.He was enjoying a quiet cup of tea with his caring and loving wife, Monique and .. voilà. It was sudden, too sudden for Monique, for Yves and Francois their two sons. Jean Paul was going to celebrate his 77th birthday in a few days. It is sad, we will all miss him.

He left us on the eve of Thanksgiving,  quite a symbol for the man who gave more than anyone else, helping French people who were in disarray  and always welcoming  friends in New York and Southampton.

The cook book he wrote some years ago with Doris Tobias -La Bonne Soupe – a must for anyone who wants to make simple and yet fundamental French recipes, has been a faithful help all these years as I was raising my kids.

Thank you for your arms always opened.


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