Gad Elmaleh in New York

French actor and comic Gad Elmaleh has obvioulsy never met French Ambassador Francois Delattre. If he had, he would have refrained from jokingly critizing him. « The ambassador who was there at the beginning of the movie and made some gracious remarks and is gone now. It was a French movie but he did not stay. Maybe he did not like the movie » said in a substance Gad Elmaleh who was attending film festival InFrench with English Subtitles at the Florence Gould hall and participated to a Q and A following the screening of his latest movie starring Sophie Marceau « Happiness Never Comes Alone » « Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul » . If Ambassador Francois Delattre is so popular among the French community it is precisely because of his talent of ubiquity , attending every single opening, gala or conférence, sharing with the largest number of French people in the US important moments.
Very unfair but very funny. As one of the attendant said : It is not everyday that one can mock the power to be with no sense of guilt. » And there is always that rebellious part of us who enjoys putting down those in power.
Gad Elmaleh was a funny actor in the movie and after, in the Q and A, doing unexpected stand up comedy ( He was at the City Winery this week) .
But the film in the end is about Sophie Marceau, the wonderful actress from La Boum who now at 46 looks beautiful and sexy as ever.


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  1. merci pour cette étonnante confrontation. Eudes

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