The Ballad of Marie Losier

French film maker Marie Losier has signed a very poetic and disturbing documentary film on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, a leading figure of the acid house and techno scene with groups like Throbbing Gristle (1975 to 1981) and Psychic TV (1981 to present). He has become a she, not wanting to be what others wanted for him , but also by osmosis with his/her great love and wife Lady Jay who died in 2007. Together, through many operations of cosmetic surgery, they tried to resemble each other creating as a result a third human being, “their child” Breyer P-Orridge . With  archives videos and present filming, with much sensitivity, Marie Losier leads us in the intimacy of these two extraordinary artists , through her lenses, transcending the trashy surroundings of underground life and creating poetry. From Body image (“This suitcase that carries us around “) to the place of art ( “the manner in which you live your life is the highest and most unimpeachable form of art that exists.” Says Marie Losier), the film raises very important questions. For Genesis, life is an ongoing performance, even when doing house work ( Genesis dresses up with high heels, silk stockings and sexy underwear to pass the vacuum cleaner). “Ch ch ch changes.. .’’, constant changes to transform one’s body but really one soul is her  motto.

The film, which won many awards, is a tribute to love, to art. It is a MUST see !!

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye // Trailer

Screenings at the  Chelsea Cinemas


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