Occupy Wall Street the French Way

Cedric Klapisch made many films we cannot forget including Paris with Juliette Binoche and Romain Duris, Pot Luck or The Spanish Apartment or the Russian Dolls. His most recent film A Slice of the Pie is being shown in New York at the IFC Center. It all started in 2008 when the financial crisis revealed what Occupy Wall Street coined “the 1%.” In Klapisch’s movie the life a successful Fund Manager crosses the existence of a plant worker from Dunkirk representing the remaining 99%. Introducing his movie the other night at the IFC cinema, the director said: “The crisis revealed that in our world there are people who share and people who eat”. The film opens with a simple but very warm birthday party where the pie in the underprivileged family is cut in so many parts that nothing is left to eat. Karine Viard – Klapisch has known her for the last 20 years – is an extraordinary ordinary woman. The film is entertaining, at times really funny, beautifully filmed and portrays well the cohabitation of two worlds which when they collide bring violence and death..


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