Huge Petit H

Not to be missed at the Hermes store on Madison in New York, on the top floor, until November 3rd, is the presentation of the Petit H collection, unique objects by designers made from recycled fabrics from Hermes.
Pascale Mussard, heiress to the family and former creative director of Hermes, had this wonderfully creative idea to use discarded tidbits of silk from the “carrés”, of leather from the saddles or bags, or glass from Cristalleries de Saint Louis, and offer designers like Christian Astuguevieille to create an original design. The result is a collection of one of kind items, all very beautiful, some totally useless, many to die for. Leather bracelets, and beautiful glass jewelry, a toy car paneled with shiny blue crocodile skin. For Guillaume de Seynes, Director of Hermes, this collection on view ( and for sale) for a limited time is very symbolic of Hermes itself : Craftsmen and designers have been working together to come up with this Petit H concept. The collection has been shown in Paris, in Tokyo and now in New York, saluted in the Press and welcomed by shoppers. The price tag is also Hermes style : $600 for a leather bracelet, $1000 and up for necklaces. But remember it is Unique,Genuine and Hermes. UGH!


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