David Servan Schreiber died today in France. He had fought cancer and had shared his anti-cancer diet with people around the world. Two years ago he was invited for a conference at the French Institute in New York. I was surprised: he had so many followers, people who were passionate about listening to him, studying his “recipe” for a better life, a cancer free life. Not that the recipe does not help… In his latest book, a best seller in France, David explained that cancer was hitting him again and harder. He knew that death was around the corner and looked back on his earlier books. Why didn’t it work? He came to the conclusion that he had not followed his own advice. He went astray, did not take care of his wellbeing as much as he should, touring the world – including New York_ to promote his ideas. He was not mindful enough, did not focus on the chore of his life: himself, his body and mind reunited.
His books will survive him, his testimony will help many.He was a rare soul. « Guérir , 2003,
Anticancer 2007,
On peut se dire au revoir plusieurs fois 2010,


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