Tattoos on Demand

Summer is a great time to check tattoos. This summer, it is an explosion. They get bigger and bigger covering the whole anatomy from head to toes, colored imprints changing forever the look of the bodies. Men and women, sailors and businessmen, they all definitely jump off the wagon, giving free expression to this new addiction.

What is it about tattoos? A form of art in the wake of French artist Orlan (Refiguration-Self Hybridation, 1998) who reinvents her body in perpetual mutation? A way to assert your difference: “I am not like my parents made me”, wanted me to be possibly? Another form of eternal youth with the tattoo marking time: “I will always be young and rebellious like James Dean?
For Vincent Gregoire, creative director at trends analyst Nelly Rodi, “tattoos are essentially a way for the young generation to show their difference. It is a rite of passage for teenagers and adults (who are still teenagers at hear?), a military service for men, a wedding night for women, one of these old rites that no longer exists.” Maybe fashion should incorporate traces of the stencils, a jacket with cut outs to let tattoos breathe freely, a shorter sleeve to show the artistic work of the tattooist.


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