Ashes to Ashes…

Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion show in Paris for Fall 2011 was an Ash Wednesday kind of show.  With its decor of charcoal floor lining and fumes, it seemed  inspired by some apocalyptic scene … a few days later Japan was hurt by an earthquake and a tsunami. Interviewed on French TV, Lagerfeld made this witty remark: ” There were so many colors last summer. Colors are like sweets. If you have too much of them, you end up with an indigestion, you need some salty food as a reprieve. ”

Mostly black,  that’s what I saw during  Fashion week in New York and it came as a surprise. This was a vocabulary from the 90’s that seemed buried forever. Yes! Colors are back for this summer, patterns and solid colors with a 70’s feeling, a youthful indignation that seems quite right. After the crisis, after all the world had been through, it was time to look ahead to greener thoughts and an anti-depressing wardrobe. It will only last a season.

The predicted return of luxurious ( and probably very expensive price tags) garments lined with fur, cut in tweeds or wrapped in cashmere for Fall 2011 goes hand in hand with dark colors: anthracite for Lagerfeld, black for Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors.

Too bad, I was ready for more colors…


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