Galliano “Under Arrest”

Fashion has gone too far. John Galliano has made his success on provocation and provocation has destroyed him. In the link above one can see an amateur video of John Galliano stating antisemitic remarks. The man is totally drunk, that of course is not an excuse. He is  sitting next to some French girls in this restaurant in Le Marais and goes on : ” I love Hitler..”

Galliano’s  boss at Dior, Sidney Toledano, a passionate Jew himself, could not react otherwise but fire him and get Galliano out of his sight. Natalie Portman, Jewish as well, and new image of Dior made public her indignation. I found Dior’s reaction quite right. John Galliano has been there for 15 years and the Maison made a fortune thanks to him but being a fashion star does not allow one to do everything and certainly not hurt people this way.

Fashion designers have become stars in their own right. Journalists ask them about the future of the world economy based on their sales, on the next Presidential election based on the garde robe of the First Lady.. They have become public figures, household guests, and of course they have responsibilities coming with the job. But for one Karl Lagerfeld cultivated and well read,  how many have no education but the feel of fabrics. We are back to the problem of stardom and the deforming prism of the media…


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