Vanessa’s Night

It was not about fashion tonight. (Last night a diner was organized in her honor by Chanel at the Mark hotel as she is the face of the new Rouge Coco)….

… It was about style, the very sexy style au naturel of a mermaid, Vanessa Paradis. She was singing midtown at Town Hall and it was exhilarating. The place was filled with -mostly French- fans. People in their forties  raised with Joe le Taxi, a song by Etienne Roda- Gil and Vanessa’s first hit. It was in 1987, and she was 14.

Last night she sang Joe le taxi and much more… She has grown up, married a pirate, has had kids…and she is ravishing. When she sang hallelujah, she was inspired, and her voice filled our souls. She is so simple and yet such a star! Bravo Vanessa!

Clip by Johnny Depp

Joe le taxi now…

and then…



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2 responses to “Vanessa’s Night

  1. Nicholas

    I would have loved to have heard this!

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