A French Voice in New York

She defines herself as a soprano, she plays the lincordian, a transparent accordion, and her crystalline voice sings in French and in English.

She is a modern Iseult seducing her Tristan with her romantic ballads. Her show, directed  by Jacques Perdigues (He worked with Thierry Mugler and John Galliano) is about colors, colors of love, of moods, black or grey, red or blue. On her long white dress are displayed words in French and in English.

(From the author: For those of us who work in a bilingual world, having to constantly say it in French, say it in English,  the idea of a double- faced dress, “face” in French and “pile” in English is a tempting solution!)

In the same vein as Brigitte Fontaine or Marie Laforet, Nicole Renaud is an inspiring young woman, a poet who dwells in nostalgia. She started with Mireille, the famous Mireille (Hartuc), a composer for Maurice Chevalier and Charles Trenet and a singer herself who started Le Petit Consevatoire de la Chanson in 1955 launching Francoise Hardy and… Nicole Renaud.

Nicole closes her show with a 1800 Venetian aria “Barchetta” and transports you in a Bal Masqué on the Grand Canal.

Nicole Renaud – Feb 5 – 8pm – Theaterlab 137 W 14th street


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