A Naked Woman in Venice

Ph0to by Elisabetta Povoledo for the International Herald Tribune

Do we agree with this? An ad campaign on the famous Doge’s Palace in Venice? How terrible! European culture is going bust with governments lacking funds to finance it and private donors being scarce in Europe where the idea of philanthropy is still alien to the mentalities. We all agree,  but still this is a bit much! I cannot imagine being a tourist and having traveled across the sea to found out this updated version of what is part of the world heritage, as the Unesco defines it!  Unesco? Where are you?

The ad has started a whole polemic in Italy but guess what? Not about the idea of a gigantic ad on the Palace but on the ad itself !

Julianne Moore, 49,  posing nude has choked the conservative minds of the Italians and especially the new Mayor of the city Giorgio Orsoni,

We need an ad for Venice not for Time Square.

I suggest no ad at all !



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