Around The Corner For A While

I really like the concept of a pop up store. Fashion is ephemeral, and a temporary window and/or shop is an interesting concept. Internet shopping sites follow the same idea with virtual sales of a specific designer for a day. Far from the luxurious flagships, pop up stores do not take themselves too seriously. They also animate a street, a district, and, for the window shopper, it is a treat. They are like waterlilies opening up during the night, the week, the month, and closing with the next cycle.  Julie Erinc has pop up stores in Noho showing her own designs and showcasing new designers. Check out her temporary outlet on 345 Lafayette Street between Bond St & Bleecker St in Noho, until January 31st ! It is open from 11am-10pm daily. My friend, who was in an artsy  mood, found for himself a nice boiled woolen scarf in powered red and marigold yellow,  and I fell for a nice printed tunic for my new gipsy look. All at very affordable prices.

Lots of scarfs, jewelry, and fun tops ! Don’t wait and see what’s next!


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