Mick vs Keith and Sally Singer

It took me a while before opening last week Sally Singer’s awaited piece in T magazine. I left it for a few days on a table, letting Mick Jagger shout at me that “Yes! I should read his interview by Zoe Heller”.

There was something incestuous about this wait. As I am reading Keith Richards autobiography, I was keeping at a distance the man” who puts on the show”. When I got to open the magazine,  I learned that “this man”  also had a “tiny todger”. I did not get there yet in my readings. Even before that important revelation I  learned that Sally Singer  was a real  VIP  if I did not know. In the first lines of her  editorial,  we know she was asked to be photographed by Alice O’Malley like other “downtown personalities”. I thought Arman’s collection and interior – as interesting and beautiful as it is – was really old news except if you had just seen the show in Paris ( for world travelers of course!),  but I was interested to know that  as a present for Christmas I could ask – who could I ask?- my own perfume  for a trivial $22,000. Aren’t you relieved? Crisis is over …the NYT is back on the track of the Rich and Famous.


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