The Continuous Writing of Pierrette Bloch

Her work is part of a group show at MOMA but her latest paintings could also be seen at her gallerist’s loft  in the Flat Iron District. Pierrette Bloch is no new kid around the block. She has been spinning the wool literally and in the figurative for the longest time. Her piece exhibited at Moma may well be thread but her recent work is on paper. Long writing lines – lignes d’écriture– has children are supposed to do in Pre-K. Letters or rather signs, dots patiently drawn on the paper as a continuous thought uninterrupted by time, civilization, concerns. “Do you literally refer to writing in your work?” ” Yes , I do, there is no hidden thought”, says Pierrette correcting herself while being at it. ” But maybe this is too simple an answer”. Through her work echoes the work of another artist, Brigitte Nahon, for whom similar continuous lines refer to the world of concentration camp, of barbed wire.

« J’entreprends un long voyage sur une feuille, je m’enveloppe dans ce parcours ; ce n’est plus une surface, mais une aventure dans le temps. Le format n’existe plus. »explains Pierrette. (D’après un texte de Marguerite Pilven dans Paris-art) (” I start a long journey on paper, I wrap myself up  in this voyage : It is not only a surface anymore it is an adventure in time. The format does not exist any longer.”  Translation by the author)

MOMA: On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century Nov 21-Feb 7

Selected Works Haim Chanin Fine Arts 121 West 19th street 10B.


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