Prêt’à-p. Follow Up

It is definitely the year of the prêt-à-porter, the French ready-to-wear! We have seen the revival of Thierry Mugler; Pierre Cardin had a show in New York a month ago,  and today, in Paris, Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand bestowed the French Legion of Honor upon Mrs Carven and Paco Rabanne.

Vétiver de Carven … definitively a myth! … in my memory, it is a scent  associated with the “rallyes” where-boys-meet-girls in the Parisian elite society, with a first kiss and masculine elegance.Paco Rabanne ! More memories : 1966, he created his first metallic dress.

My mother had one. I kept asking her, does it hurt? and she showed be the silky lining which seemed quite comfortable. Still I was fascinated and scared by the reflection of the metal each time she  moved in the light. It became a game to see my face in the small squares like dozens of mirrors. It was fun, different and so glamorous even before the word existed. Yes,  Paco is back! Interviewed in WWD, he talks about his wish to dress Lady Gaga (Remember Thierry Mugler has already signed up for the job!). Lady Gaga is now a rallying icon for all generations seeking rebellion, “la contestation”, lost in globalization. She is going to have my dream wardrobe,  for sure!


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