A vision of the old world

American photographer Gregory Crewdson show  at the Gagosian Gallery in New York just closed down . The show called Sanctuary was  a group of black-and-white photographs taken in Cinecittà.  Abandoned spaces, dismantled decor, a lost world of peplums and scattered images…

I noted in the beautiful catalogue published by Abrams this sentence that tells it all: “a place of refuge where the violence of history which built these edifices as if in a simple day and wrecked them in a blink of an eye has at last abated.” “As with much of my work, I looked at the blurred lines between reality and fiction, nature and artifice, and beauty and decay.” writes Crewdson.

Sorry you missed it! You can still visit Gagosian for their Picasso show

A few great cubist paintings, some sculpture.

OCT 19 – DEC 23, 2010

Gagosian Gallery 900 Madison avenue


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  1. A good article about the show Sanctuary in “APhotoEditor”‘s blog.

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