All That Matters

On October 25th French singer Véronique Sanson will release her new album Plusieurs Lunes. Véronique Sanson has been around in France ever since her first album Amoureuse in 1972. She was then living with yet another famous French singer Michel Berger (who died in 1992 of a heart attack while playing tennis). Her second album was released that same year De l’autre côté de mon rêve in which she sang a cult song Chanson sur une drôle de vie. That very same song is the theme lyrics for All That Glitters, a French movie by Hervé Mimran and Géraldine Nakache that came out in France.1972-2010. Some songs never die. In the movie, two young “Beurettes” (French citizens from emigrant parents) live outside of Paris in the projects in Puteaux. Their life is not terrible but not great either and they are trying to escape the small world their parents have created to escape their own misery. They are attracted by All That Glitters, the crazy lifestyle of the Rich. It all ends up rather sadly but the girls cheer up to the tune of Chanson sur une drôle de vie. All That Matters…


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