Fashion forever

“I am late, I am late”… I feel like  the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. But maybe not in the end : FIT Couture Council honorees are  always a timeless choice. This year you may have heard the buzz: it is our “President to Be” Karl Lagerfeld ( this is a reference to an older post) who will be the 2010 honoree of the FIT Couture Council . It was announced at a glamorous party, sponsored by Quintessentially,( held at the French Cultural Services on Fifth avenue.

So much for politics, FIT choice is all about… fashion. Wether Isabel Toledo or Dries Van Noten, the Couture Council, chaired by Yaz Hernandez, Alexandra Kebenthal, Charlotte Moss and Liz Peek,  always chooses designers who had or have a long-lasting impact on fashion. Lagerfeld is obviously one of them. I remember my first long dress. I was  18-year-old and it was a dress by Chloé.I remember the “essayages” and the thrill of having a couture dress.  It was a  pink silk ball dress with a drapé equally inspired  by mythology and  Madeleine Vionnet. I still have it and still wear it… sometimes.

Karl Lagerfeld will be honored on Friday September 10 at Avery Fisher Hall and presented the special Fashion Visionary Award. From Chloe to Fendi , from Lagerfeld gallery to Chanel, the man has proved his many talents. Through him the Couture Council, – this group designated to support all programs at the Museum at FIT – is honoring over 40 years of fashion! What a performance!


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