The world is not WiFi!

An evidence : the world is not WiFi, but leaving in New York, one tends to forget this obvious fact. In the street, in the subway, in the restaurants, in their cars (unfortunately), everyone in New York is surfing,, answering emails, being connected. Everywhere you go, it is easy to connect your computer to an Airport source and – yes – be connected. Well, this did not happen for me in Paris. In the small apartment where I stay, there is no telephone, no Internet and no TV.

A dis-connected environment  ! What does it feel like ? Very frustrating. I could not write my blog, could not send attachments and long emails ( I only had my Blackberry). I searched the area for WiFi cafés, and even Starbuck had Internet down. Eventually if you find a café with an Internet connection – usually through Orange, a former state-owned company, France Telecom, converted in an ultra capitalistic machine -, they give you a series of at least 20 letters and digits that you are bound to fail entering. I was left with my BB and felt very alone… Paris has been taken over by the iPhone. Let’s says that those connected – not many yet – are using the Apple device. As far as TV is concerned, I
•    went to the cafe downstairs to follow the Soccer world cup,
•    saw live France-South Africa match,
•    decided to quit when everyone in the café applauded  when South Africa scored !
Don’t even get me started on the Bleus and the French reaction….

Next, I pondered on this time usually spent in front of the computer surfing and being connected. What did I do with it ? I have spent  it mostly with my children… without Facebook ! . And rediscovered the company of two real human beings, meaning disconnected children ! This is a great pleasure. I have slept more. I realized surfing the web leaves you sleep deprived. You start early in the morning before work and continue late in the night if you have Facebook, a blog, twitter and many friends… Finally I picked up this fat book that I intend to finish.
The solution has been to install Internet in the apartment.

Done !

Glad to be back !


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