Jean-Philippe Delhomme… and Sophie-Anne

French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme is showing 8 drawings, 8 New York scenes, at the  Danzinger Projects in Chelsea.

Portrait of Jean-Philippe at the gallery

The real Jean-Philippe as featured in his blog.


Among the scenes, there is a great sequence ( 3 drawings total) on Marina Abramovic’s live show “The Artist is Present” at the MOMA. She is sitting in her red outfit across the table from a viewer. There is also a great drawing on Central Park coyote, a permanent feature on Delhomme’s blog. “It was on a lonely path just by the pond that I saw the coyote, standing very still, and looking straight at me. I had read about the coyote in the park in New York Magazine, but thought it was an hoax aimed at making their readers believe in urban magic while they’re in line at Whole Foods.”

Jean Philippe Delhomme is a fashion illustrator

and a culture chronicler whose works have appeared in many magazines, including The Los Angeles Time , GQ and many more. Recently, he has signed all the ads for the new Mark residence hotel in New York designed by Jacques Grange.

He has moved to New York a year ago with his family. His witty wife, Sophie-Anne just published a book in French exploring images from her past, her childhood in Africa. “Quitter Dakar” ( Rouergue)

They are a wonderful couple and all they do is worth checking out!



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2 responses to “Jean-Philippe Delhomme… and Sophie-Anne

  1. Love the illustrations! This must take a lot of work. This is a blog I always enjoy – witty, interesting, well laid out and one that shows me a world that I would otherwise know nothing about – keep it up!

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