Tomorrow is kickoff day !

Is there anything beyond the FIFA Soccer World Cup  2010 starting June 11th? At home there is not. It is going a month-long of TV watching, Coca Zero and tribute to all Haribo collections  (I will regularly clean up empty glass and empty paper with a lot of screaming  but I will have to let go at some point . I have to decide now which point, which match…). Only consolation, it is all about fashion.

Just received a press release from Façonnable introducing  their World Cup Collection, especially designed for the upcoming FIFA Soccer World Cup Championship. Façonnable shirts are available in all the colorful national flags of the participating countries to the soccer championship. And it is for both men and women!

Love the Africa Unity Collection by Puma. Inspired by the Continent’s sun, vast skies and rich soil, says the site.  It is worn by PUMA’s African national soccer teams with stars like   Samuel Eto’o, Emmanuel Eboue and JohnMensah.

Do not miss Adidas’ wonderful videos

According to Women Wear Daily Adidas expect $1.7 billion revenues from the sale of jerseys and accessories with special 2010 logos this Summer!

and of course you can always buy you own maillots from your favorite team. at

Cant wait! Can you?


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