The color blue

There was a great soccer moment last night at the Lycee Francais de New York during the All Sports Night also called Go LFNY! Allez les Bleus! is really what we all wanted to hear with the FIFA world cup in South Africa around the corner. Those who like soccer have followed the painful selection of  Les Bleus, the French team.  Chances are slight for the French to become this year the World soccer champions as they have been in the past. The appearance of a very special parent, Yuri Djorkaeff,  last night at the LFNY was timely. In 2006, Djorkaeff put an end to his football career as a midfielder but he had time to win the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000 in the French team.

Last night, he shared his pre-1998 world cup souvenirs. As he was about to enter  the stadium, he saw the Brazilian team holding hands, beaming in their shiny yellow and green outfit. Ah! the power of color! Is our blue uniform with red stripes not empowering enough? Would some glitter and fizz wake up our players?  ” I was terrified but Thuram (ndlr:Soccer player Lilian Thuram) gave me an encouraging pat on the shoulder. I took a full  breath. The moment I came out in the open sky and set foot on the grass, I knew we were going to win,” recalled Djorkaeff last night. He went on telling us  another touching anecdote. After  the  triumph of Les Bleus at the World Cup which was held in France from June 10 to July 12 1998, Djorkaeff received a surprise gift from a former  teacher : an essay he had written when he was 10. The topic: what do you want to be in life? The answer: a successful soccer player known internationally! Done. Djorkaeff has been critical of this year selection of the French team, and last night he was not very  encouraging. He believes Spain is a a better  bet…

Never mind we had our Bleu moment last night for the rest of the year.


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